Festivities Secretariat

Praça Francisco Ornelas da Câmara
29 jul. - 07 Aug. from 12pm to 12am

Gastronomic Fair of the Atlantic - 17th edition


Restaurant "O Típico" - Mealhada
Restaurant "Tasca Algarvia" - Algarve
Restaurant "José do Rego" - Açores
Restaurant Torres - Minho
Restaurant "Carne Arouquesa"
Restaurant "Carnes Barrosã" - Boticas
AZORES BY CHEFS – "Restaurant Sabores do Chefe"


"Fumeiro de Seia"
"Bísaro" - Trás‐os‐Montes
"Marquês, O Alentejano." - Alentejo


"Amêndoa Doce"
O Capote
"O Forno" - Açores


"Venda Açoriana"
"Sabores de Lés a Lés" – Ginja de Óbidos
ENICIALE - "Quinta dos Açores" - Gelados


Sociedade Filarmónica Recreio Serretense
Sociedade Musical União das Fontinhas
Sociedade Filarmónica União Católica da Serra da Ribeirinha
Filarmónica União Praiense
Filarmónica Espirito Santo da Casa do Povo de São Bartolomeu
Sociedade Filarmónica Espirito Santo da Agualva
Sociedade Recreio Lajense
Sociedade Filarmónica Progresso Biscoitense
Sociedade Progresso Lajense
Filarmónica Lira do Espirito Santo da Vila Nova
Sociedade Recreativa Biscoitense
Associação Filarmónica Cultural e Recreativa de Santa Bárbara da Fonte do Bastardo
Sociedade Filarmónica União da São Brás
Sociedade Rainha Santa Isabel das Doze Ribeiras
Filarmónica da Associação Cultural do Porto Judeu


Marcha Oficial das Festas da Praia 2016
Marcha Oficial das Festas Angra 2016
Marcha de Toronto – Canadá
Marcha do Pico
Marcha de S. Brás
Marcha do Cabo da Praia
Marcha das Lajes
Marcha dos Amigos da Festa Brava – Associação de Mordomos
S. João na Desgarrada - S. Bartolomeu
A nossa marcha - Os amigos da Nené
Angra Capital dos Ritmos - Posto Santo
Chá Chá Chá, S João - Associação Dança Desportiva RAA
Terceira, Mulher de Deus e de S. João - Marcha do Voluntário
Bota que tem, Vieira
Angra Porto de Abrigo - Amigos do Carrocel
Homenagem Aos Capinhas - Associação Marcha dos Veteranos
Meu S. João Atrevido - Casa do Povo da Terra-Chã

Message from the Mayor

Dear Praienses,

We begin today Festas of Praia da Vitória, the high point of our meeting and unity, in which we celebrate our identity, our culture and our experiences.

In this Land of Joy, the Magic of the Circus is the motto to celebrate our essence as a Community; a People that knows how to welcome and celebrate; a People that feels the land of his birth and day by day renovates this feeling of being Praiense.

Within moments, the Opening Parade marks the beginning of the festivities, gathering us around a common goal: to get along with each other; receive those who visit us in our particular way; we celebrate together Life and Joy.

I wish that these days of Festivities mean a new life for the time that rises on the horizon; times that we will know how to face, following the example of our ancestors and renewing the example for future generations.

Festas of Praia da Vitória is a milestone in our year. Every one of us has the responsibility to continue this objective.

While organizing the festivities, we remain committed to consolidate the quality of our Festivities.

We remain committed to strengthening its status as a landmark of our cultural and tourist offer and as a dynamic element of the municipality's economy.

In this message, I want to let every one of you the wish of the best moments of entertainment and conviviality;

To those who visit us, here is a word of welcome and hospitality, wishing that your stay exceeds all expectations;

To our emigrants - Praienses of heart - I leave a huge welcome to Your land and that you continue to celebrate the identity that, even in distant lands, you never forget.

Finally, I leave a word of appreciation to Cooperativa Praia Cultural and its president, Tibério Dinis, for the commitment and dedication in organizing these Festivities;

I also thank all the professionals of the Professional School of Praia da Vitória and its director, Professor Domingos Borges, for organizing another edition of the Gastronomic Fair of the Atlantic;

To Luís Bettencourt and José Avelino Borges and their teamsI emphasize my gratitude for their work in preparing the Blue Music Resort and all the festive program, which continues to stand out for the quality.

To Grupo de Forcados do Ramo Grande and Tertúlia Tauromáquica Praiense, thank you for organizing the Bullring Race of Festas da Praia 2016.

I also thank all those who, directly or indirectly, have made possible this edition of the Praia Festivities, in particular to all municipal employees and to the many volunteers who, with their commitment and dedication, contributed to this event that magnifies our City and our Municipality.

A friendly hug,
Roberto Monteiro

Acknowledgments from the Councilman of Culture

Festas da Praia would only be possible with the hard work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers who directly or indirectly, contribute actively to the success of the biggest celebrations of the municipality. The power and force of Festas da Praia lies in the strength and soul of volunteering.

Special thanks to sponsors, public organizations and a word of gratitude for the collaboration of recreational, social, sporting and cultural associations, that enrich so much Festas da Praia.

A sincere thank you to the Volunteer Firefighters of Praia da Vitória, Polícia de Segurança Pública, Guarda Nacional Republicana, the Captaincy of the Port of Praia da Vitória, the Portuguese Air Force and the staff of Praia da Vitória Municipality.

Our special and honest thanks to all those who dreamed and gave their effort to Festas da Praia to be once again the magic of the Azorean summer.

Tibério Dinis

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